The Blockchain Scalability Trilemma has been solved

JAX.Network blockchain is secure, decentralized and scalable possessing all three aspects to solve the Blockchain Scalability Trilemma. The development team of expert engineers and scientists are working on making blockchain suitable for global day-to-day use.


Our solution
  1. With a robust network of miners and a carefully researched and developed reward function that encourages network security, the JAX.Network protocol can boast the same level of security as Bitcoin or Ethereum.
  2. JAX.Network’s sharding solution allows unlimited amount of transactions per second, rivaling that of centralized payment systems while remaining totally secure and decentralized.
  3. Based on a Proof of Work, JAX.Network blockchain is not subject to the same centralized issues and concerns as other so-called blockchains.
  1. Secure
  2. Scalable
  3. Decentralized