JAX as collateral for smart contracts
Jax.Network is a highly scalable blockchain with Proof of Work consensus based on sharding and merged-mining. A novel block reward function reduces the volatility of its native token JAX. The relative stability of this cryptocurrency combined with a high throughput of Jax.Network makes it an ideal candidate to become a default collateral asset for stablecoins and various Decentralized Finance protocols, often called DeFi.
Why does Jax.Network have two coins?
The Jax.Network, unlike most other blockchains, has two native digital tokens, JAXNET coins, and JAX coins. Read up on why we have chosen to design our protocol this way and what characteristics each coin has.
Block Reward Function in Jax.Network
In this post, we will discuss rewards for mining in JaxNetwork. The reward scheme used in it differs from the one used in Bitcoin. We will discuss the motivation behind this approach and its advantages.
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