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Vinod Manoharan is an Indian tech entrepreneur and since 2013 has founded a number of licensed gaming companies in India with $10M+ yearly revenues. In 2018, Manoharan moved to Ukraine and founded Jax.Network to solve the infamous Blockchain Scalability Trilemma and bring forth a decentralized, secure and scalable stable coin.
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Chief Scientist
Iurii Shyshatskyi previously worked for Samsung R&D Institute, after attending Northwestern University, USA. Iurii Shyshatskyi also has a Master’s Degree in Mathematics from the Taras Shevchenko National University, Kyiv. He is responsible for Jax.Network’s software architecture,and documentation, as well as being a major contributor to the Jax.Network white paper.
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Tech guru and strong proponent of P2P technologies, with over 15 years of experience in software development, Taras Emelyanenko had previously worked in Bitcoinstore, Loyyal, and IOHK (Cardano). Taras Emelyanenko also regularly contributed to the Localbitcoin, Blockchain.info, Bitcoin.com (mining pool and wallet) projects. He is also a frequent speaker at blockchain and fintech conferences, where his deep knowledge of the topic is highly sought after.
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Chief Economist
A Ph.D. candidate at Le CNAM-PARIS in cryptoeconomics, Lucas Leger worked on applying microeconomic analysis to blockchain-based networks. He has worked extensively on data privacy and data ownership. Leger is looking to bring his vast knowledge regarding cryptoeconomics to improve the Jax.Network protocol.
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Dima Chizhevsky is a Senior Developer and blockchain expert, specifically in secure decentralized systems, distributed systems, and p2p protocols. Chizhevsky has over 5 years of experience as a System Architect and Team Lead.
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Mike Sheb is a Senior Golang Developer with experience in P2P networks, cryptography, formalization of software architecture, solutions based on blockchain technologies.
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Senior Developer
Mykola Ilashchuk is a Senior Golang Developer with 15 years of experience software development, mathematical and computer modeling, cryptography, numerical algorithms, blockchain, machine learning/AI/neural networks
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Senior Frontend Developer
Serhii Meketiuk is a Senior Frontend Developer with over 6 years of experience in Web and Cross-Platform Mobile software development using React Native technology.
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Alexander Nalivayko
Middle GoLang Developer
Oleksander Nalyvaiko is interested in developing skills in blockchain technologies as well as building solid knowledge of modern Go software development. He works on the development of a mining pool.
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Kateryna Bolshakova has 5 years of experience in different marketing positions at numerous cryptocurrency and blockchain-related projects. Kateryna was able to learn from this experience and began applying her skills of creation of all types of content from copywriting and design to video production and event organization to the Jax.Network project.
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Marketing Communications Lead
Viktoriya Nechyporuk has led the Microsoft marketing team in cross-subsidiary marketing strategy implementation and orchestration of global marketing campaigns. For her exceptional contribution and achievements in marketing, she received the Gold Star Award in the Worldwide Microsoft Circle of Excellence Program. Most recently Nechyporuk had worked as the product marketing director for the blockchain unicorn, Bitfury. As a seasoned marketer, she supports Jax.Network in creating project awareness and enables our rapid rate of growth.
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Business Development Associate
Prior to his role in Business Development, Nick Bain was the Jax.Network Head of Content. His deep understanding of the Jax.Network protocol and its implications, coupled with his previous personal sales experience make him an ideal candidate for the job.
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Maryna Trifonova
Head of Content
Maryna Trifonova holds a Master’s degree in Germanic Languages and Translation and has over 4 years of experience working as a copywriter. Since early 2018, Trifonova has been actively studying blockchain and crypto markets and trading digital currencies on a regular basis. This knowledge helps her to create all types of content for Jax.Network, including technical articles, business papers, explainer videos, etc.
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IT Manager
Yaroslav Rakovchen is proficient in all stages of web development, from conception to deployment, and is currently applying his skills to improve the web development aspects of the Jax.Network project.
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Alla Tkachuk
HR Manager
Alla Tkachuk is Ph.D. in Mathematics. She has over 10 years of work experience with people coming from different spheres. She is an expert in emotional intelligence (International Institute of Emotional Intelligence, Kyiv) and conducts training regarding EQ development and emotional management. Alla helps to attract unique talents to the team and takes care of each employee’s well-being.
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Olga Chenko’s responsibility is to increase the productivity and effectiveness of the Jax.Network team by diligently taking care of important and energy-consuming duties and actions necessary for the team’s operation.
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Dr. W. Scott
Dr. Stornetta is considered by many to be the co-inventor of the blockchain. His pioneering series of papers helped lay the foundation for Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Dr. Stornetta received his Ph.D. in physics from Stanford University, after attending MIT, Harvard, and Brigham Young University. Now, he is a partner and Chief Scientist at Yugen Partners, an early-stage private equity firm investing in companies leveraging blockchain technology. As an advisor to Jax.Network, he provides valuable feedback on the development of our company and products.
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Dr. Hafid is a Full Professor at the University of Montreal and the founding director of Network Research Lab and Montreal Blockchain Lab. A seasoned blockchain and DLT specialist, he has lent his support in developing the Jax.Network protocol and given it his seal of approval.
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Bijan Alizadeh Fard is the COO of Phoenix Tech and General Partner at Phoenix VC. He is an experienced business leader in the Middle East and has been associated with Bitmain distribution in the region. Thanks to his impressive experience and expertise in mining operations, Mr. Fard will be a great asset to our team. He will not only give us advice on the Bitcoin mining and mining pools but also help us get integrated on top mining pools, so other BTC miners can merge-mine Jax.Network along with the Bitcoin network.
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Tony G is a well-known investor, businessman, and former Member of the European Parliament. His diverse accomplishments include being named as one of the most influential Europeans in 2016 by Politico Magazine’s. Guoga is also the CEO of Cypherpunk Holdings, a company that invests in technologies and cryptocurrencies focused on privacy, and the founder of Cryptonews.com, a popular online news media outlet. As an experienced businessman and politician, he helps us to integrate the necessary welfare principles into the Jax.Network ecosystem through different forms, including tax and regulatory compliance.
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Jagdish is our go to person for all board advisory matters in legal & financial aspects of the group companies, his last position was that of Consulting CFO & Policy Advisor for Mobile Premier League India’s largest mobile gaming company. His passion for Blockchain, Tech Lobbying, Politics and Venture Capital Investments has led to work with us. He is building a strong legal machinery & lobbying horse-power for us at JAX.
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Hugh is the CEO at Liquid (LQD) Technology, a global IT outsourcing company, and Managing Director at Oggin, a diversified private advisory and investment company focused on emerging technology. As a former start-up founder, consultant at EY and VC-backed management team, Hugh has extensive experience in building and scaling technology businesses globally.
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